Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 5

Journey Into Mystery

Loki tries to escape The Void, a desolate purgatory where he meets variant versions of himself.

The new episode of Loki picks up where the last one left off with a sweeping shot of the TVA leading to the severed head of the fake Time Keeper and then pivoting into the Void where Loki is introduced to the hulking mass of Alioth as it moves across the world. Sylvie confronts Ravonna and learns that Loki is still alive. The tenson between the two characters continues to be one that is engaging to the viewer and both actors pulls off that tension well. The history between the two of them continues to be one that is as compelling as Loki’s story.

In the Void, Loki and his fellow variants find themselves in their secret base where he learns more about them and the reasons they were pruned. It’s an interesting moment because it speaks to the TVA having an agenda that targets Lokis for being too powerful. When Loki decides to leave and take on Alioth alone, he runs into another group of Loki variants who keep to their old ways. A battle ensues that is hilarious to see from Loki’s point of view.

At the same time, Sylvie is betrayed by Ravonna again and decides that the only way to find Loki and who is behind the TVA is to prune herself and travel to the Void, but she doesn’t go without a TemPad. Ravonna decides that she still wants to find out who she has been working for and confronts Hunter B-15. Wunmi Mosaku kills it in this scene and I liked seeing her back in the episode. As Ravonna continues her investigation, a familiar face returns to help Sylvie as Loki begins his plans.

With Loki and Sylvie reunited, the two grow closer and the evolution of Loki as a character continues as well. An evolution that will find him discovering things about himself that he didn’t know as the two confront Alioth in an attempt to find the power behind the throne. It’s an intense and exciting scene that has all the spectacle and action of a big budget film and comes to a brilliant conclusion that made me hungry for more.

The fifth episode of Loki dives into the action and adventure from the start, but it still finds time to explore its characters, their relationships and Loki’s evolution as an anti-hero. His relationship with Sylvie continues to be complicated, but interesting as well and he is show to have developed a true sense of empathy. Everything in the episode leads to a big reveal and it is definitely an entertaining ride to get to it.

Loki S01XE05



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