Lisey’s Story

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Season 1 Episode 6

Now You Must Be Still

With Darla’s help, Lisey sets out to rescue Amanda so the three sisters can unite to take on Jim Dooley.

The episode takes the viewer back to the present where the real world threat of Dooley still looms. As he takes residence in Amanda’s house, the man continues to marvel over his find of unpublished Scott Landon works. At the same time, Amanda continues to struggle with being lost in Booyah Moon. Dane DeHaan continues to be all kinds of creepy in this episode and the danger that he poses is evident in all of his mannerisms and actions.

Lisey is still in Booyah Moon on her mission to find a way to help Amanda. A mission that will connect her to the most traumatic moment of Scott’s life and bring her face to face with the creature that stalks the woods. Remembering that Scott was able to heal from his wounds because of the water and proceeds to find a way to heal herself from her injuries. In the aftermath, she tries to connect with Amanda in order to free her. Unfortuntely, the memory keeping her there is too strong for her to do it alone.

Darla comes over to the house and Lisey has to demonstrate to her that Booyah Moon is real. A demonstration that starts a chain of events that will bring the sister’s closer together and begin their plan to end the threat of Dooley once and for all. Her first call is to Dashmiel and then the sister’s head to see Amanda. In dramatic fashion, Lisey is able to bring back Amanda and the sisters hatch their plans to finish off Dooley. The dialogue is a little too clunky in this moment and feels like it was badly ad-libbed, but effective.

After the sisters have their catharsis moment, they finally make a decision on Dooley. One that will require them to lure the man back to the house. To do that, they will need to get rid of the officer guarding the home. Unfortunately, Dooley is watching events unfolding and getting more mentally unstable by the moment at the sister’s bond and moment of levity.

The sixth episode of Lisey’s Story brings all the players together for the final confrontation. As well as wrapping up the Amanda subplot, the episode tries to bridge the gaps between the sisters. Sometimes it succeeds, often times it feels rushed and unsatisfying. Lisey’s journey to save her sister was well done and bringing Darla up to speed was good as well. Unfortunately, once those things happen, the rest of the episode suffers from some big lapses in logic and pacing.

Lisey's Story S01XE06



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