Lois Lane #11

DC Comics

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Mike Perkins

Colors by Andy Troy

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: The fight for Montoya’s life will open the doors for some harsh truths to be revealed.

Renee Montoya’s life hangs in the balance as the spell to transfer Lois’ would be assassin is successful. Unfortunately, Lois is at an undisclosed location and unable to help her friend as she lies bleeding on the floor. Renee’s life lies in the hands of Jessica Midnight who has to take down the Kiss of Death on her own without backup.


It’s going to take a moment of revelation from both Renee and Lois to break the assassin from the supernatural hold on her. A revelation that will solidify the connection between the two and begin the fight for Renee’s life.

The Story: There are some great moments throughout this issue. The plot is tense and the tone is engaging. At the same time, there seems to be too much going on. The story has gone from political thriller to murder mystery to supernatural thriller throughout the run of the story and many of the plot details that made the story so appealing are being lost. The plot of this issue could have been condensed to a few pages and brought back to the main story and I worry that the upcoming conclusion will feel rushed and ultimately not pay off.

The Art: Mike Perkins’ art is fantastic. It continues to capture the classic noir aesthetic and every page feels personal and character driven based on the use of close ups throughout.

Lois Lane #11




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