Justice League Odyssey #21

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Will Conrad

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Jessica Cruz will fight a battle on two fronts trying to stop both Darkseid and Epoch from rewriting history.


Epoch is working on the final calculations for his device as Cruz and her forces prepare for Darkseid’s assault on the base. When the despot begins his attack, Cruz and the team spring into action with time duplicates of Epoch augmenting their defense. With the attack in full swing, Cruz and her team prepare to release their secret weapon. One that not even Darkseid could predict.

Jessica Cruz has another decision to make. With the battle taking a turn in their favor, the Green Lantern has one chance to stop Epoch from using his machine. Appealing to the scientist’s humanity, Jessica tries to convince him that he hasn’t calculated the risks and will make a mistake. Not listening to her concerns, Epoch decides to go forward, forcing Cruz to make a tough decision about the fate of time itself.

The Story: Full of great action and thrilling dialogue, Dan Abnett does a great job of engaging the reader with humor and adventure. The story is tight and plays out pitch perfect including the surprises. There are some great moments throughout and the issue solidifies how interesting and dynamic a character Jessica Cruz can be. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next and the shocking ending means it is going somewhere unknown.

The Art: Will Conrad delivers some beautiful art in this issue. The action is fantastic and the characters look amazing. There are some gorgeous details in every panel of this issue and I love the scope of the action throughout.


Justice League Odyssey #21




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