Local Man: Bad Girls #1

Image Comics

Written by Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs

Art by Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs

Colors by Brad Simpson, Felipe Sobreiro and Brian Reber

The Rundown: Inga receives an unexpected visit from someone with a message.

In the wake of Inga’s actions in Farmington, she is on the run from everyone including Crossjack. Hiding out as a waitress in a small town, she gets an unexpected visit from Neon who tells her the story of how she became a hero. A story filled with murder and revenge.

After learning how Crossjack was groomed during his time with the team, Neon reveals that she knows everything about Inga and that not only can she find her, but if she does anything like what she did in Farmington again, she’ll send someone worse after her.

The Story: Seeley and Fleecs deliver a fantastic side story to the main one. Not only does it have great back story for readers to immerse themselves in, but it has a wonderful level of tension that I enjoyed. Neon has a fantastic story and a menacing presence that definitely got my attention and the rising tension between her and Inga made the story engaging.

The Art: Seeley and Fleecs deliver fantastic art in the issue as well. I love the character designs and the visual contrast between the superhero events and the confrontation between Neon and Inga.

Local Man: Bad Girls #1



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