Lisey’s Story

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Season 1 Episode 3

Under the Yum-Yum Tree

Lisey finds herself under the protection of the local police, but the threat of Jim Dooley continues to loom. Darla calls her and the two get into it showcasing the darkness beneath their relationship. There is a palpable element of jealousy in their exchange. Amanda is still trapped in the other world she’s been sitting in and things are starting to get darker for her. Lisey learns more about Dooley and his troubled past and we get an inkling that this obsession with an author is the writer’s big fear. It comes across really well in the moment and continues to increase the menace of the character.

Dane DeHaan steals every scene that he is in and his performance is deeply disturbing. As Lisey gathers things to bring to her sister, she discovers the next clue in her Bool Hunt. One that will unlock another memory from her past with Scott. A memory that will bring them to a place from their past and a walk that will unlock a memory within the memory. The peace and seclusion of their surroundings force them to explore and they discover a tree in the midst of the snow that they can sit below and enjoy.

Scott opens up about his past. A story that is deeply disturbing on multiple levels as it involves child abuse and mental illness. This is the darkest part of the episode, but it also allows the viewer to see the strange power Scott has inside of him and how it manifests in the real world. The scene can definitely be triggering to some as it is terrifying in its slow build up of violence against a child. The scene also reveals where the Bool Hunts came from and why they are so significant to Scott.

Dooley returns and decides to enact a new plan to get access to Lisey and the property while Amanda gets a message from Scott. One that causes her to do something drastic to get Lisey’s attention. Lisey and Darla meet back at the house, but they are unaware that there is an unwanted guest lurking nearby while Amanda struggles to come back from the dark place she is trapped in.

The third episode of Lisey’s Story continues to craft the dark world of these characters in a brilliant way. The slow burn of the series is refreshing and the tone is beautifully dark. There are a lot of personal and interpersonal issues looming in every conversation and seeing them explored makes the series interesting to watch.

Lisey's Story S01XE03



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