Life of Wolverine #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jim Zub

Art by Ramon F. Bachs

Colors by Java Tartaglia

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Jean Grey explores the long and complicated life of Wolverine.

Jean and Charles bring Logan to a chamber on Krakoa to explore the complexity of his life and history with Jean acting as a mental anchor to protect him. She goes back to the beginning as James lives as a sick young man whose powers emerge out of personal tragedy.

Her journey will take them both through his complicated past, countries he’s visited, women he’s loved and people he’s lost both to his own action or the manipulation of others. A journey that will bring the events of Logan’s life into perspective as he unlocks and lives out his history.

The Story: Zub crafts a wonderful story for Wolverine in this issue. The story does a fantastic job of not only showcasing the bonds Logan has created, but also crafts a timeline for the character that allows the reader to immerse themselves in the journey of this character. The story is filled with great action and a wonderful emotional tone that reminds me of everything I enjoy about the character and his rich story. I like having a comprehensive story for the character that still allows for future exploration of Wolverine’s complicated and long life.

The Art: Bachs delivers wonderful art throughout the issue that has brilliant visual homages to some of the best moments of Logan’s life.

Life of Wolverine #1



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