leviathan-03_cvrALeviathan #3

Image Comics

Written and Lettered by John Layman

Art by Nick Pitarra

Colors by Michael Garland and Bill Crabtree


As monsters continue to ravage the streets of the city, Ryan finds Father Baron and shows him the things that Goth Jimmy brought to his party. At the same time, Baron remembers a moment in his past when he and a group of clergymen performed an exorcism on a little girl. During the exorcism, Baron sees the depths that hold the Leviathan.


While Ryan and Father Baron continue to watch the insanity unfolding all around them and the government seems to be planning to add to it, Goth Jimmy and his girlfriend marvel at the destruction that they brought into being. When his girl finds a sense of guilt for what they’ve done, Jimmy decides that she is a liability.

Layman continues to craft an interesting and action packed story with this issue. The story becomes more engaging and all of the characters are becoming more interesting because of it. Giving Baron the back story that he has in this issue allows for a character to understand the rising stakes of this invasion and what those stakes mean for the world.

Pitarra’s art is great. It’s an intriguing and fun art style that makes every character look good and emphasizes the emotions on the characters faces. All of the background details are amazing as well and I really enjoyed the subtle additions to the splash pages.


Leviathan #3




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