ErrandBoys-02_cvrErrand Boys #2

Image Comics

Written by DJ Kirkbride

Art by Nikos Koutsis

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

Jace and Tawnk are being slingshot through space on their way to their next mission. Tawnk is not used to this type of space travel and he let’s his half-brother know it by puking all over the interior of his ship. As the two brothers travel through space, avoiding the cops and their growing family issues, Jace takes a rare moment of self-reflection when he recalls the moment that his father told him that he was getting re-married.


When the pair finally arrive at their destination, Jace’s lack of planning and the sheer scale of the task they are trying to complete puts the pair on the run from an angry mother bird and a group of ruthless, hungry dirt pirates who are ready to make a meal of them and their bounty.

Errand Boys gets more dense and interesting in the second issue. There are great character moments and the narrative takes the time to concentrate on one of the events that affects Jace personally. Even in dealing with some heavy, emotional scenes, the story still has effective elements of humor throughout that do a great job of lightening the mood as well as keeping the tone consistent. Both Jace and Tawnk are growing as a pair and individually and it will be interesting to explore their new dynamic as they learn to deal with each other.

The art by Nikos Koutsis is great. There are some really clever and funny easter eggs mixed into the space trash sequence and all of the action is effective and fun in both moving the story along as well as making everything look fun.

errand boys #2




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