Lego looking to Continue Building New Worlds With New Video Game

Lego has been capturing the hearts and minds of kids and even adults for decades starting back in 1949. The company has expanded in recent years to include both video games and even movies, including this years Lego Batman movie. The company has made some pretty lucrative licensing deals with major studios and brands so it’s refresing and interesting to see the company launch their newest game in April with one of their own IP’s.


Lego City Undercover was originally developed as a single-player title for the Wii U back in 2013. The game featured the character Chase McCain, an undercover cop who uses his unique skills and disguises to take down criminals in Lego City. It was announced today that an updated version of the game will be released on current gen systems including PS4, Nintendo Switch and XBOX One this April.


In addition to the updated graphics, the open world game will now feature both a single-player and co-op mode as you and a partner can explore the 20 different districts included in the game.


Not one to rest on their laurels, in addition to the Lego Batman Movie, Lego Ninjago opens this September. If this video game is successful, expect to see the adventures of Chase McCain on the screen sometime soon.

Video courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

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