Supergirl and the CW are getting another DC Comics alum added to the impressive list of heroes they’ve introduced on their shows and this one has a history with the Girl of Steel.

Being Human - Season 4

According to Deadline and Variety, the network has cast Jesse Rath to take on the role of Brainiac 5 for an upcoming story that has the Legion of Super-Heroes character with a 12th Level Intellect come from the future to help Supergirl in her fight against Reign. The half-computer, half-organic life hero will join the series in the tenth episode titled “Legion of Super-Heroes”.

sg ann 2-14

Jesse Rath is no stranger to genre television with roles in series like Being Human, Defiance and the cancelled CW series No Tomorrow. While there are no details about the character’s appearance past the episode, Andrew Kreisberg does say that Brainiac 5’s feelings for Supergirl are a part of the show. Whether Brainiac 5’s appearance means that the Legion itself will show up is anybody’s guess.

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