Last Flight Out #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Eduardo Ferigato

Colors by Natalia Marques

Letters by Diego Sanches

The Rundown: Sara refuses to leave until someone she cares about is rescued.

In the midst of his plans to save the people of Earth, Ben hires a brilliant assistant named Alex who has his own idea about saving the planet itself rather than fleeing from it. As the two work together, the brilliant young man becomes like a son to Ben and when Alex decides to leave the project to continue his own plans, Ben is left reeling. Especially when Alex brings up what Ben sacrificed in order to succeed and how he might not be able to tell that he might be wrong.

In the present, Burke is incensed to discover that Ben’s daughter Sara is not only not in danger, but refuses to leave. He takes his anger out on Ben alone before the two return to the room and discover that the only way Sara will leave with them is if they rescue her boyfriend. Someone Ben knows all too well. As they begin their rescue mission, Ben and Burke find themselves walking into a dangerous situation with no way out.

The Story: Guggenheim continues to craft an engaging and entertaining thriller in this series. The interpersonal conflicts continue to be the backbone of the story and their complications are thought provoking. The introduction of Alex as another element of the story is interesting and it will be more interesting to see how his presence fits into the narrative now that finding Sara is no longer the primary mission. I cannot wait to see where this story and these characters go next.

The Art: Ferigato delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The characters look dynamic and amazing and I continue to be impressed with the details on every page.

Last Flight Out #3



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