Hellboy the Bones of Giants #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

Art by Matt Smith

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Hellboy and Abe Sapien are sent on a mission that will bring them face to face with Norse legends.

It’s 1988 and a man walking a frozen winter in Sweden will discover a rotting corpse in the snow and a hammer emitting lightning at unknown intervals. The next day Hellboy, Abe and more personnel from the BPRD move in to the area and Hellboy decides to try to lift the hammer that no one else has been able to move. When he does, a lightning strike transports him to the scene of an epic battle. A battle fought between Thor and a giant serpent.

When Hellboy emerges, not only is his personality different, but he also can’t physically put down the hammer. When the Swedish government tries to take him to get looked at, he is filled with an uncontrollable urge to head north. After discovering something disturbing, Hellboy and Abe go see a familiar face who might have some answers. Unfortunately, those answers will lead to a bigger mystery.

The Story: Mignola and Golden craft a fun and exciting story in this issue. The dialogue between Hellboy and Abe is fun. The plot is engaging and compelling with stakes that are interesting enough to keep me invested throughout. I love the Norse mythology storyline and how Hellboy is dealing with being fused to Mjolnir. What’s even more fun is the mystery at the heart of the story and how the characters are thrown into it.

The Art: Smith delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The style is perfect for the character and the panels do a brilliant job of delivering on the scope of the story itself.

Hellboy the Bones of Giants #1



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