LabyrinthCoronation_012_Cover_A_MainLabyrinth Coronation #12

Boom! Studios/ Archaia

Written by Simon Spurrier and Ryan Ferrier

Art by Daniel Bayliss and Irene Flores

Colors by Joana Lafuente

Letters by Jim Campbell

Jareth has lost and has returned to his throne room to confront Beetlegum about his betrayal of the previous king and his role in allowing Sarah to escape.

As Jareth decides to finish his story to the goblin before handing down his sentence, Maria continue to fight for her son against the Owl King. Unfortunately, his rigging of the game puts her in the position of losing her son as he starts to take the youth and power from the baby.


Her friends burst in an fight on her behalf. In the midst of the final battle, Maria discovers that the power to save her son was in her all along and she confronts the king directly. She manages to stop the Owl King and defeat him, but it’s too late. Beetlegum emerges to tell Maria that it will be impossible for Jareth to have a normal life in the real world and the grieving mother makes a decision about her child’s future.

I’ve been following this story from the beginning and the biggest selling point to me is the untold story of Jareth. Telling the story from the point of view of his determined mother is a great idea. Unfortunately, this final issue was disappointing. I appreciate what Simon Spurrier  and Ryan Ferrier were going for, but the execution fell flat. A story that was so big in scale and epic in stakes just falls apart at the end and the final resolution for all of the characters is unsatisfying.

The art is great from Daniel Bayliss and Irene Flores, but the resolution of this story took away from the brilliant art.

Labyrinth Coronation #12




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