751562._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Justice League Odyssey #7

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Will Conrad

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Andworld Design

It’s sister vs sister and to stop Darkseid from fulfilling his plans for the Ghost Sector, Blackfire is willing to sacrifice one or all of the members of the team including her own sister.


The team does what they can to hold off the remaining Tamaranian forces, but the betrayal of her own sister has stoked something dangerous and destructive within Starfire. Kory unleashes her fury in a violent, rage attack on her sister and her forces and it takes everything Victor can muster to keep her from killing her sister and her people. Her fury only confirms Blackfire’s belief that they are pawns of Darkseid and will destroy them all.

Back in her right mind, Kory pleads with her sister for the information they came for, but Cyborg has already gotten what they need during the fight and the team heads out in search of Darkseid. Jean Paul attempts to help Kory deal with the rage inside her, Jessica confides in Vic that she doesn’t have that much power left and when they finally find Darkseid, he is in worse shape than they are. The creatures who attacked him are on his trail and the only way Darkseid will able to get the help he needs is to do the one thing he never considered before, tell the truth.

This is the direction I was hoping this story was taking. Dan Abnett is gearing fans up for the truth about the Ghost Sector and what Darkseid needs from this team. This issue was really well paced and well written. It was entertaining to see Kory lose it and the desperation of their situation adds an immediacy to the story that kept me interested.

The art by Will Conrad is great. There are several impressively detailed panels throughout and the action looks amazing.

Justice League Odyssey #7





  • T.Bon

    March 27, 2019 - 4:57 pm

    Seriously, you are hardly a critic when you love everything! You are, however, irrelevant and nobody I would ever trust with a review score!

    • Deron Generally

      March 27, 2019 - 5:04 pm

      1. I don’t love everything, but I appreciate something new and creative being put into the world.
      2. These are comic book reviews. Not comic book critiques.
      3. As far as your opinion about my relevance or lack of trust in my personal opinion considering we don’t know each other, I’ll just say OK and thanks for reading.

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