Kung Fu Panda Director to helm Bone Adaptation for Warner Brothers


There are very few comics that are as highly regarded and critically praised as Jeff Smith’s comedic fantasy series Bone. The multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winning series  was praised by Time magazine for being “as sweeping as The Lord of the Rings cycle, but much funnier.” The comic began publishing bi-monthly in 1991 and completed its initial run in 2004. Its popularity made it the target of multiple rumors of a big screen adaptation in its future. Warner Brothers Animation picked up the property in 2008 and The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Mark Osborne, fresh from directing The Little Prince, has been tapped to direct and co-write the screenplay along with Adam Kline.


Bone is the story of the three Bone cousins, who are run out of their hometown of Boneville and began an epic quest across valleys, deserts and medieval towns while being pursued by fantasy creatures and aided by a mysterious girl named Thorn and her grandmother. The Bone cousins find themselves on a quest to rid the valley of the evil Lord of the Locusts as they each discover what it means to be a hero.

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