Know Your Station #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Sarah Gailey

Art by Liana Kangas

Colors by Rebecca Nalty

Letters by Cardinal Rae

The Rundown: On a floating resort for the super rich, a series of murders will test its security liaison.

The super rich have left the Earth and settled on the luxury floating colony known as the First Resort. Elise serves as the security liaison on the station and she has just witnessed her first murder. A murder that is both high profile and brutal. A murder that will require someone from the planet to come to the station to investigate. As Elise finds herself dealing with some personal issues, she also contends with the ire of Detective Pritchard who knows Elise is ill equipped to deal with the case.

After taking Pritchard to the scene and having the station AI recreate the brutal crime scene, Elise goes back to her quarters to relax with some psychotropic drugs. When an alarm alerts her of trouble, Elise has to sober up quickly to investigate and discovers not only another murder, but evidence that points to her as the only suspect.

The Story: Gailey crafts an entertaining, engaging and intriguing mystery in this first issue. Not only is the setting interesting, but the character of Elise is wonderfully complicated. It looks like the series is going to craft some great murders, complicated relationships and a mystery that has definitely gotten my attention and made me intrigued to see what comes next.

The Art: Kangas delivers some beautifully detailed art in the issue. The look of the issue is great and I loved the drug induced visuals in the issue.

Know Your Station #1



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