Knight Terrors: Punchline #1

DC Comics

Written by Danny Lore

Art by Lucas Meyers

Colors by Alex Guimarães

Letters by Steve Wands

The Story: Punchline does battle with Batgirl as she attempts to take over the Clock Tower.

The story opens with the Royal Flush Gang gathered together as Punchline describes their immunity to Insomnia’s advances. Soon, Batgirl appears and engages in conflict with the group. Later, Punchline gains access to the Clock Tower, but once again must contend with her deadly enemy.

The Rundown: I think Lore did a good job with crafting Punchline’s mindset in a nightmare sequence as over confidence leading her down a destructive path is indicative of her character. I also found that Punchline’s inner monologue was beautifully written and compelling. Overall, I thought the story was well done and interesting.

The Art: This issue uses a realistic styling and bold color work that perfectly suits the tone of the narrative. The action scenes are fun and there are several moments that are intense and a bit spooky.

Knight Terrors: Punchline #1



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