King in Black: Ghost Rider #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Juan Frigeri

Colors by Jason Keith

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Johnny Blaze will have to tangle with both Mephisto and an army of freed demons as he tries to stop Knull’s attack on New York.

After a failed coup attempt in Hell, Johnny Blaze is back on Earth to retrieve Mephisto and stop the demons loose on the planet. Unfortunately, his mission gets sidetracked by the emergence of Knull and his forces. After finding the fight harder than he imagined, he will get an unexpected assist from Dan Ketch, Blackheart and others. Ghost Rider must embrace an uneasy alliance if he any chance of helping the city or preventing Lilith from taking his throne.

Mephisto finds a way to escape during the fracas, but finds that his once loyal minions have been transformed by symbiotes into creatures that want him dead. As the forces battle it out, Johnny Blaze will be forced to make a tough decision about his future as the ruler of hell.

The Story: Fun, brutal and filled with excitement, Ed Brisson delivers a great one shot that does a lot within its pages. The conflict Johnny faces on multiple fronts is brilliantly captured in the story and I liked how he has to work through his metaphorical and personal demons to come to a decision. The story is well paced and full of great action. It also ends on story notes that make me interested in reading more.

The Art: Frigeri delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The characters and action are beautifully done and filled with detail.

King in Black: Ghost Rider #1



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