Kill Your Darlings #6

Image Comics

Written by Ethan S. Parker and Griffin Sheridan

Art by Robert Quinn

Colors by Robert Quinn

Letters by John J. Hill

The Rundown: Rose finds herself besieged by powers she knows nothing about.

The tragedy of the events that led to Rose’s birth are revealed from the point of view of the grandmother of the boy Rose’s mother killed. A woman who practices the dark arts and seeks revenge for the loss she suffered and the emotions it brought out of her.

In the present, Rose finds herself dealing with not only the dark entity that took over her imaginary land, but the woman that set it free who decides to invade it herself.

The Story: Parker and Sheridan continue to expand the lore of this series in this issue and ramp up the suspense and terror within it. I continue to enjoy the contrast between the supernatural elements of the story and the imaginary world within the real world. I also continue to enjoy the back story and how that story continues to expand and evolve.

The Art: Quinn delivers some beautifully detailed and compelling art in the issue. I love the visual style of this series and how engaging the action is throughout.

Kill Your Darlings #6



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