Justice League Last Ride #1

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Miguel Mendonca

Colors by by Enrica Angiolini

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: The League must come together to protect a dangerous criminal despite their dark history.

Lois can see that there is something wrong with her husband. Something he’s unwilling to share with her and it drives him to nightmares about crises he cannot stop and people he cannot help. When an alert from the old Watchtower gets his attention, he leaves for the moon to find Wonder Woman and Flash waiting for him and the others to arrive. Not knowing why they have been called, the group slowly trickles in and there is an undercurrent of resentment among the heroes especially between Superman and Batman.

Their tension is interrupted by the arrival of members of the Green Lantern Corps and their prisoner, Lobo. Hal needs the help of the League to protect Lobo after his latest rampage and the politics of the mission rub Batman the wrong way. When Superman confronts him about what happened that caused the rift in the League, the Dark Knight decides to help, but it will require them to go somewhere more dangerous than they could imagine.

The Story: Zdarsky has planted the seed of an interesting and dynamic story in this first issue. It has mystery, conflict, danger and secrets throughout that I am interested in exploring. I am impressed with the interpersonal conflicts as well as seeing a vulnerability in Superman that isn’t often explored. Putting Lobo at the center of the story is also going to be interesting and I cannot wait to see him challenge the League both psychologically and physically.

The Art: Mendonca delivers some beautiful art in this first issue. The characters look dynamic and every page is filled with great detail.

Justice League Last Ride #1



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