Batman: Urban Legends #3

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky, Che Greyson, Brandon Thomas and Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Jesus Merino, Marcus To, Albert Jimenez Alduquerque, Max Dunbar and Ryan Benjamin

Colors by Adriano Lucas, David Baron, Luis Guerrero and Antonio Fabela

Letters by Becca Carey, Aditya Bidikar, Steve Wands and Saida Temfonte

The Rundown: The Batman, his allies and his legacy are explored in four new stories.


In the aftermath of Jason’s act, Batman and Red Hood deal with the fallout of Tyler’s situation and the only person they can turn to is the one person who might be able to help them both, Leslie. As Bruce and Jason continue their investigation, Jason thinks back to his past when he was Robin. As the investigation continues, Jason’s impatience continues the rift between the two and his zeal to stop the dealers brings him into the crosshairs of a familiar enemy.

A great continuation of the story that expertly chronicles the relationship between Bruce and Jason while also giving the reader insight into their wrought dynamic. The art is great and I love the different styles at play.

Death Wish

Lady Shiva thinks back on her life and decides that the best therapy is to grab some take out and surprise Batman in his new home. After catching the detective coming home from a case, she gives him some time to patch himself up before she reveals the real reason she’s there’ to kill him for taking her daughter from her.

This is a great short story that has some awesome twists throughout. I love the style of the art as well because it lulls the reader in before the story takes its dramatic turn.

The Caretaker

Black Lightning and Metamorpho continue their fight to rescue Katana from her vengeful former mother in law. A fight that will take place on two fronts as Katana deals with the truth. The truth about how she really feels about Jefferson. As Lightning fights to save his friend, the need for a new team of Outsiders grows.

As much as I like this story, this dance between Lightning and Katana is starting to get repetitive. The story teased an understanding and an opportunity that it didn’t deliver and as interesting and entertaining as the story is, that part of it either needs to be resolved or fade away.

The Long Con

Grifter’s true motives come into play as his position as Lucius Fox’s bodyguard reveals that Cole is keeping some pretty dark secrets. Secrets that will prompt both Bruce Wayne and Batman to observe the mercenary. Things get more intense when Cole breaks into Wayne Enterprises to steal information and discovers not only that security is tougher than he imagined, but he isn’t alone.

Rosenberg does a great job of making Grifter interesting and layered as a character. While his motivations continue to be a mystery, you are engaged with his journey. The art is amazing and the action is full of energy.

Batman: Urban Legends #3



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