Justice League Infinity #3

DC Comics

Written by JM DeMatteis and James Tucker

Art by Ethan Beavers

Colors by Nick Filardi

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: A very different, yet familiar, team of heroes finds themselves being affected by the damage to the multiverse.

As the damage to the multiverse continues, other heroes and ordinary citizens find themselves being whisked away to other Earths. The Superman of another world goes missing as his team is helpless to stop it. Back at the Watchtower, the League has their hands full dealing with the villainous Overman and Martian Manhunter will have to employ some dark tactics to bring the fascist in line.

Superman finds himself facing doubles of some of his greatest enemies and discovering that they are not what he assumed them to be. After following them to their base, they discover that the tech they used to bring him to their world is being affected by something strange. Something that will bring another Superman into their midst. When the phenomenon claims one of their own, Batman becomes determined to stop the disappearances once and for all.

The Story: DeMatteis and Tucker deliver some intriguing twists and turns throughout this story. The dialogue is great and having the story be told from Lois’ point of view was a refreshing change. Her perspective gives some interesting and entertaining insight into the characters and their dynamics. Manhunter’s conflicted nature continues to be interesting as well. The story has some great moments throughout and I was entertaining and engaged by it from start to finish.

The Art: Beavers has an awesome visual style that is perfectly suited to the world of this story and its characters. The art is bright, beautiful and compelling.

Justice League Infinity #3



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