Justice League Incarnate #4

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver

Art by Chris Burnham, Mike Norton and Andrei Bressan

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: The team discovers a harsh reality about the threat they face, but it is too late to stop it.

Doctor Multiverse has a story to tell. After taking the piece of the multiverse into herself, she finally understands the scope and scale of the threat they are facing and tells them the history of the crises they’ve been facing as well as the shocking revelation that the only person who can stop it is Darkseid. When one of their own is taken by the darkness, Darkseid destroys him and takes what he came for to save the multiverse.

As the team regroups, they decide to follow Darkseid and his forces to try to rescue their friends as well as deal with Darkseid when he wins his battle. Unfortunately for all of them, Darkseid’s forces come against a foe that has its own plan and the darkness that took one of the heroes is spreading to others.

The Story: Williamson and Culver craft and interesting and entertaining story that has some great twists and turns within it. I liked the history of the previous crisis events being retold and put into context for new readers. It was a fun trip down memory lane both good and bad. I was impressed with the big twist about Darkseid and his role in events. I think it was an interesting and unexpected use of the character. I also like the bigger twist towards the end of the story and how it sets up something more intriguing to come.

The Art: All the artists deliver some great visuals throughout the issue, and I like how the different styles complement each other as the story progresses. I’m usually not a huge fan of multiple artists on one story, but this works because the styles don’t clash with each other and take me away from the story.

Justice League Incarnate #4



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