Dark Knights of Steel #4

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Bengal

Colors by Arif Prianto

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Bruce Wayne discovers the truth of his heritage, and a dangerous new enemy is introduced.

In the Lands of Magnus, Bruce’s recovery from a mysterious illness leads to a discussion regarding his parentage. Then, Alfred relays the story of the El’s early years on the planet including the events that lead to their first contact with the Wayne’s. Soon, Bruce learns of the circumstances surrounding his birth. Later, the fate of a former member of the Kingdom of El is discussed as the truth behind a tragedy unfolds. Finally, Bruce must decide how to proceed.

The Story: I am once again blown away by the creativity of Tom Taylor. I don’t think I can give him enough praise for his mind-blowing vision for this alternate DC universe. The fourth chapter in this masterpiece is filled with historical content and world building. As always, Alfred is Bruce’s guide to the past and a frame of reference for his future and it will be interesting to see how Bruce chooses to move forward with his newfound information.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the shocking villain reveal near the end of this tale. I literally screamed out loud when I realized the magnitude of their position. The Kingdom of El’s enemy is everything I never knew I wanted. Taylor’s audacity in storytelling is unmatched! The layered and nuanced character creation is both intriguing and terrifying. I hope we see more of this character soon.

The Art: The artwork in this issue gives off a medieval air that perfectly matches the tone of the story. The changing color palette and attention to detail create an immersive visual that is emotionally connective and pleasing.

Dark Knights of Steel #4



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