Superman-9-spoilers-0-ASuperman #9

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Ivan Reis and Brandon Peterson

Inks by Joe Prado and Oclair Albert

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Josh Reed

The Man of Steel’s calm resolve continues to crack as he listens to the harrowing story of his son’s time in space with his grandfather.


Jon has found himself in the hands of the Crime Syndicate and they begin to fight among themselves over who will get him. Ultimately, it’s Ultraman who gets control of the scared Kryptonian. He takes Jon to a prison inside an active volcano and keeps him there both to psychologically torture the boy as well as unburden his own soul about his place on this planet.

Clark has to listen to the tragic story his son is telling him while trying to hold in his anger at both Ultraman, but his father as well. It is a task easier said than done.

As Jon continues his story, he tells his parents of his dramatic escape from his prison and how his attempts to leave the planet are interrupted by that planet’s version of his mother, Superwoman.

Bendis tells an interesting story with this issue. It is dramatic and entertaining and worth the read. I don’t think it’s a part of the story that requires more than one issue though, especially if they’re going to sideline Owl Man as a threat to both Jon and his potential escape. The part of the issue with Clark exploring a possible future with his friends and family surrounding him seemed to be a more interesting plot thread to explore and I hope that it is in future issues.

The art by Ivan Reis and Brandon Peterson is amazing. There is definitely more action and visual drama in this issue than others and both artists deliver some beautiful visuals throughout.

Superman #9




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