JLDARK_Cv4.enhncd_layeredJustice League Dark #4

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Inks by Raul Fernandez

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Witching Hour continues as Circe instructs Diana on how to use the power she’s been given and, more importantly, how to control it. Wonder Woman harnesses the power of Hecate and opens a portal to allow her team and Deadman to travel across the world to Nanda Parbat. The city is under siege from the rampaging Manitou Dawn and the woman herself is desperately trying to regain control of herself as she slaughters and destroys everything around her.


Rama Kushna, the deity that protects the city attempts to reason with Hecate, but to no avail. As Diana begins to strike back at Hecate and fight, Boston and the rest of the team attempt to help Rama escape the city. Unfortunately, Hecate’s plan is in motion and she unleashes another of her marked children on a place Swamp Thing holds dear. When she returns her attention to Wonder Woman, the Amazon discovers that she doesn’t have as much control as she thinks.

Tynion IV continues to craft a great story with The Witching Hour. So many elements speak to the heart of these characters and their inner and interpersonal struggles. I really enjoy how each of them is portrayed and the team dynamic continues to evolve in some interesting ways, especially when characters begin to embrace their place on the team. Detective Chimp finally deciding to use the power of the Nightmaster is a great moment.

Martinez Bueno delivers some stunning art in this issue and there are so many great panels to look at. Every scene complements the story well and some of the best moments in it merge the dialogue, the art and the brilliant colors in a way that dazzles.

Justice League Dark #4




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