Justice League Dark #20

DC Comics

Written by Ram V and James Tynion IV

Art by Kyle Hotz

Colors by FCO Plascencia

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: A war has begun between the different aspects of the Parliament of Life and Justice League Dark must bring the factions together.


In the aftermath of the magical war, the peace between the different Parliaments is in shambles and one of them begins to enlist humans to spread a deadly infection across Los Angeles. With millions at risk, Animal Man enlists the help of Wonder Woman and Detective Chimp to help. At the same time, Kent Nelson and Zatanna work on the problem from their end, but find out from Fate that they will need the help of the Floronic Man.

Zatanna is unwilling to work with the villain, but Constantine is willing to make a deal with Woodrue. Unfortunately, none of them are aware that a mysterious entity is already at work with the Floronic Man.

The Story: This current arc starts off promisingly enough, but quickly goes downhill in this first issue. Ram V and James Tynion IV have some interesting ideas at play, but the story itself doesn’t engage either in the plot or in the characters. Everything feels rushed and that feeling takes whatever tension to be had and loses it for the sake of an immediacy that isn’t earned through the plot. There are some plot points that are worth the read like the Abbie Arcane interlude, but it goes by too quickly.

The Art: Kyle Hotz style is interesting and can be fun at times, but it feels too cartoonish in this issue. I was hoping for something less messy in the visuals.

Justice League Dark #20




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