JLDARK_Cv19Justice League Dark #19

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Inks by Raul Fernandez

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The Witching War comes to a dramatic finale as Diana taps into untold power and Circe gets exactly what she wants.


Circe, in the body of Wonder Woman, continues to get closer to freeing Eclipso so he can wreak havoc on the world. With the team in disarray and Circe’s Dark Legion getting closer, Constantine and Zatanna fight over whether either one of them can contain the creature’s power before Circe can get to them.

They won’t have long to fight about it when Diana finally emerges with the powers of Hecate and begins to fight back, turning the tide of the fight. As things get more intense and Eclipso finds a way into Wonder Woman, Khalid makes a deal with Nobu to bring back Doctor Fate and end the conflict. Unfortunately, the end of this particular fight will not be a clean victory for either side and there will still be the shadow of the Otherkind hanging over Diana’s head in the aftermath.

The Story: James Tynion IV brings this story to a satisfying end and leaves open the possibility of bigger, more substantial arcs to come not only for this team, but for its individual members as well. There isn’t a clean end to this war and that is a good thing from a story perspective. I also like the tone this issue takes with the story and its stakes as well as the resolution for characters like Circe. I am interested in seeing where this story goes next and what awaits its characters down the road.

The Art: Alvaro Martinez Bueno delivers some beautiful art in this issue. The characters moments are beautifully rendered and the action is big, thrilling and full of energy. A great visual personification of the chaotic nature of magic.

Justice League Dark #19




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