AC_Cv1019Action Comics #1019

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by John Romita Jr

Inks by Klaus Janson

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Superman and the Justice League battle the Legion of Doom for the fate of the city, but Lex has a secret lying in wait.


In the aftermath of Clark’s reveal and the outing of Leviathan, Lex decides to gather the Legion of Doom to reach out to someone who managed to catch the heroes off-guard; Leviathan.

After Leviathan accepts the invitation, he immediately shows not only his ability to hold his own against the villains, but impresses several of them enough to follow him back to his operation. With a new ally at his side, Lex reaches out to Red Cloud to bring her in for a bold plan to finally kill the Man of Steel in the middle of the battle for Metropolis.

The Story: Bendis continues to bring all of his storylines together in this issue. Pairing Leviathan with Lex and the Legion is an interesting choice, but the story clashes with the bigger Justice/Doom War which is more compelling. This is a good story and it brings in some interesting elements with Red Cloud, but the plot is spread so far that it loses any emotional through line and momentum from the previous arc. It seems to be looking for relevance and missing the mark. Had it focused on either Red Cloud or Leviathan, it would have been more effective.

The Art: A lot of the action is really well laid out, but the characters lack definition in the story moments. Romita Jr. does some great layouts with the Leviathan scenes, but both Cheetah and Grodd look weird. Cheetah has the look of a cartoon cat and Grodd looks like a strange Sasquatch hybrid.

Action Comics #1019




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