Justice League #68

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Ram V

Art by Scott Godlewski and Sumit Kumar

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb and Nick Filardi

Letters by Josh Reed and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The League confronts a new shadowy threat as Justice League Dark tries to prevent

The League finds itself standing opposite the forces of the United Planets and after a tense standoff, an agreement is made. While the alien peacekeepers leave the planet, Naomi finds Doctor Fate and asks for help locating her parents. After finding them, the League discusses what to do next as well as where they need to meet. When Oliver gets a call, he disappears as the team disbands. At the same time, Daemon Rose finds himself surrounded by Deathstrokes all looking to end him. Oliver finds himself with the rest of Checkmate and they want to know what is going on with the Deathstrokes as well. They’ll need answers fast as the Deathstrokes launch another attack.

Justice League Dark continues to face off against the forces of Merlin as the wizard himself takes on Zatanna beneath Atlantis. With the battle turning in their favor, Aquaman, Bobo and Etrigan join the others just as Merlin unleashes something they weren’t expecting, but something Constantine is prepared for. Or so he thought. With a trick none of them imagined, Merlin unleashes a deadly villain they thought defeated and it is looking for revenge.

The Story: Bendis takes a lighter tone with the League story and it works well. Going from intergalactic threat back to spies and intrigue is an interesting tonal shift that I am interested in seeing play out. The Justice League Dark story from Ram V is powerful and entertaining. I love both the action and twists throughout. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Both artists deliver some awesome imagery throughout the issue. Godlewski’s art is perfect for the tone of the story. Kumar’s visuals are dark, powerful and exciting.

Justice League #68



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