Action Comics #1035

DC Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Daniel Sampere

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Mongol’s attack on Superman will force the Man of Steel to make a fateful decision.

After discovering the destruction at the fortress, Superman and family intercept to save Lois. With Clark taking her out of harms way, she tells Jon not to hurt Thao-La because she is being forced into her actions by Mongul. As Clark confronts the young woman, she reveals that she doesn’t want to do what she’s doing, but she has no choice. With the device Mongul gave his agents to attack Superman commanding her, she makes a harsh decision. One that will put Clark face to face with Mongul himself.

In the aftermath, Clark buries the dead and has a meeting with the rest of the Justice League outside the Fortress. He makes a decision about going to War World and informs the League. Batman knows there’s something Clark isn’t telling him about his trip to confront Mongul as well as what is happening to Clark physically. What’s left is time with Lois and to assemble a new team to take on the forces of War World head on.

The Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson brings this arc to a satisfying conclusion with a eye towards a bigger story to come. There are some really compelling moments throughout and enough emotion in the interactions to keep the reader engaged. There’s some great foreshadowing in the story and both the interpersonal conflicts and relationships between the characters are executed well. I am intrigued by the direction the story is going and what will happen next.

The Art: Sampere delivers some thrilling and beautiful art throughout the issue. There are some great character centered moments and thrilling action.

Action Comics #1035



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