Justice League #66

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Ram V

Art by Phil Hester and Sumit Kumar

Inks by Eric Gapstur

Colors by Trish Mulvihill, Hi-Fi and Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Josh Reed and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The Hall of Justice is under siege and Superman finds a new tactic to take on this particular threat.

Synmar has severely crippled the Hall of Justice with his attack. As the team regroups and goes after the villain, Naomi wants to know what has happened to her parents who were in the building. As Synmar contacts his home world to make a plea to come home, Superman calls in some backup.

Batman helps to free a man who knows what Merlin’s ultimate plan is. As the team takes on the creature attacking Atlantis, Constantine follows Merlin and discovers what the wizard is looking for.

The Story: Bendis has a lot of story elements going at once throughout this issue. There are some interesting and entertaining moments to be found and Bendis does a great job of keeping all the stories flowing organically. The action is great and there are some great compelling moments for Naomi in this issue as well as an entertaining cliffhanger. Ram V crafts an exciting and action packed Justice League Dark story that is compelling and entertaining throughout. The mystery is engaging and I love the characterization of Constantine in this story.

The Art: Phil Hester has an entertaining classic style that works well with the story. Sumit Kumar delivers some beautifully detailed art in the JL Dark story that is expressive and filled with awesome moments.

Justice League #66



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