Justice League #48

DC Comics

Written by Si Spurrier

Art by Aaron Lopresti

Inks by Matt Ryan

Colors by David Baron

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: The Justice League’s response to an alien distress call will lead them into a political quagmire.


A distress call pointed towards Earth brings the Justice League to an unexplored area of space and a ship set adrift. With a giant creature of unknown origin attached to it, the team determines that the creature will breach the hull in a few seconds and there are children on board. Wonder Woman manages to come up with a nonviolent strategy for stopping the creature and the children are saved.

After learning about where the children came from and why they were set adrift, the League attempts to return the children to their home planet only to find it in turmoil. Word has reached the populace about the deeds of the League and how they saved the children. The two previously warring factions on the planet have risen up and ousted their queen and when the team arrives, they discover that the people are looking for a new leader; the Justice league.

The Story: Si Spurrier makes a bold statement in this issue about the role of the hero in the aftermath of an act of heroism. We always see the despotic ruler overthrown, but rarely do we see the aftermath and this brings that to the forefront. Diana is utilized perfectly in this issue. She is the voice of reason throughout this story and her ability to step back and look at the situation before acting rashly serves to make her character more dynamic in this plot. The story itself is just ok. The characters are well done, but the only thing truly interesting about the issue is the moral and ethical conundrum the League faces. The contrast between the heroes and their philosophies is going to be interesting to see play out.

The Art: Lopresti does some great work with the art for the most part. While the Justice league characters look great and the backgrounds are filled with detail, the aliens are unremarkable and unmemorable.

Justice League #48




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