Judas #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Jeff Loveness

Art by Jakub Rebelka

Letters by Colin Bell

In the depths of Hell, Judas Iscariot travels the land and is not followed. He has decided to embark on a final mission. One that he believes will seal his destiny and reveal his purpose.

As he descends deeper into the depths of Hell, he finally finds Jesus in bondage and pain. He frees his former friend and decides comes to the realization about who he is in this story and what role he still has to play in it. It’s a pretty powerful moment from a powerful scene. Jesus continues to have his doubts about the future of humanity as he is made to suffer in Hell with Lucifer watching over. Judas sees Jesus’ suffering and can only lament the part he played in causing it.


Undeterred from his mission to help Jesus, he lists his weakened body to his feet and the two attempt to escape from the depths of Hell itself. What’s interesting, and something that the story we know never touches on, is that these two men were friends. They shared a personal connection. That relationship comes across in their dialogue together and there is a palpable sadness to the knowledge they both have that they were destined to part the way that they did. Judas knows his place in history and Jesus always knew who would betray him and why. It’s an interesting narrative thread to pull to give them those human moments.

Ultimately, there are some really interesting redemptive moments from both characters. There is a hopeful arc that we can identify with regarding Jesus as well as a resolution for the character of Judas that is both hopeful and sad.

There is some great writing in this issue and the ending is immensely satisfying. The use of Bible passages throughout the story are effective in conveying this tale’s connection to the Bible itself. The art work reminds me of brilliant paintings in how the panels are framed and designed. Everything is atmospheric and the colors really set the mood for each moment. Worth the read.

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