John Wick #1

Dynamite Comics

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Giovanni Valletta

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Tom Napolitano

In a small diner in El Paso Texas, a mysterious man walks in looking for a slice of pie. At the same time, a man and woman are already seated and the man loudly shouts out his order. The mystery man in John Wick and as he sits at the counter drinking his coffee and eating his pie, he overhears the conversation the man and woman are having in the background. As the pair finally leave the restaurant, John takes a walk to get some groceries and heads back to where he’s staying and decides to get a room in the hotel next door to the apartment the two people in the restaurant were referring to.

Twelve years earlier, a young boy is racing through the streets of Baja California being chased by leaders of a local gang and whatever he stole from them is serious enough to warrant almost blowing up the entire street to get it back. As John waked from his dream, he sees someone surrounded in the apartment across the alley. Recognizing one of the assailants, John literally leaps into action to take on the threat. In the aftermath, John Wick is not only confronted by the ghosts of his past, but might be being pulled into a conflict that is bigger than he could have imagined.

Pak has done a great job of channeling the spirit of the John Wick films in this first issue. There is a great balance of both action and glimpses the story takes into John’s past seem interesting. The art is balanced and well done. I enjoyed the camera angles used in the panels and I liked the tight details in the faces. This is a fun read that opens the doors for some interesting and thrilling drama to come.

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