I reported earlier this month that Disney was in talks with 21st Century Fox to acquire the company’s film and television divisions including the studio.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that talks between the two companies, which had been reported to have stalled months ago, have commenced. Disney is aggressively going after the deal, but they now have some competition from Comcast. Apparently Comcast is seriously looking over Fox’s assets and are motivated to make a deal. It will have to be a huge offer to motivate Rupert Murdoch to sell.

According to the article, Disney is looking to acquire 20th Century Fox studios which would include the film and television divisions, FX Networks, National Geographic and Fox’s 30% stake in Hulu. The assets are valued at around $48.5 Billion and there are reports that the Murdochs are highly motivated to make a deal by the end of the calendar year.

If the deal goes through, Disney would get the rights to Marvel Comics properties X-Men and Fantastic Four back as well as Modern Family, which airs on the ABC network, but is produced by Fox.

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