Academy Award nominated actress Jessica Chastain has been keeping busy both in front of and behind the camera serving as poducer and prepping a slew of titles for her productons company. Well it looks like the actress is in talks to take on another high-profile role in the next Fox X-Men film.


Accroding to the Hollywood Reporter and others, the actress is in talks to play the main villain in the film Empress Lilandra. Fox has already brought back the cast from X-Men: Apocalypse to star in X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the production is scheduled to begin in Montreal soon with writer and first time director Simon Kinberg aboard. According to reports, Chastain’s Lilandra will be in direct conflict with the X-Men over the entity known as Phoenix, played by Sophie Turner. There’s no news on whether or not Lilandra’s Impreial Guard will make an appearance in the film, specifically powerhouse Gladiator.


Empress Lilandra Neramani was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum. She is the empress of the alien Shi’ar empire and has been closely linked to the X-Men in the comics, specifically Charles Xavier as the two have shared a romantic relationship for years. She is also involved with the spacefaring mercenaries The Starjammers, led by Corsair aka Christopher Summers. Summers is the biological father of X-Men Cyclops and Havok.


While the actress is still in negotiations for the role, we will continue to pursue this story until we receive confirmation. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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