Jane Foster Valkyrie #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing

Art by Cafu

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Jane must embrace a new destiny if she’s going to truly be the Valkyrie.

Grim Reaper has stolen the mirror containing Doctor Strange’s soul. If he can deliver it to Mephisto, he will take on the powers of the Valkyrie with the former king of Hell in command. Jane will follow the escaping Reaper with her friend and Damage Control member Halloran who calls in some powered back up so they can follow the chase.


With Mephisto augmenting Reaper’s powers, Jane Foster will have to forget who she was as a hero and embrace what it means to be a Valkyrie if she’s going to defeat the Grim Reaper and save Doctor Strange’s soul.

The Story: I found myself impressed with where this story is going and where this particular arc ended. Al Ewing and Jason Aaron know Jane Foster and have given her a story that not only plays on her nature as a hero, but also allows for her learn. Her education as Valkyrie adds some great character moments to a series that is both fun and charming to read. I liked how this issue and the conclusion unfolded and the fact that Jane has finally embraced a destiny that is different than the hero she was trying to be. A really well done story that continues to impress.

The Art: Cafu’s art is what puts this issue over the top for me. The art is absolutely gorgeous. Everything in this issue is stunning. From the characters to the wonderfully detailed backgrounds, Cafu illuminates the characters in this book.

Jane Foster Valkyrie #5




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