Jane Foster Valkyrie #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron and Torunn Gronbekk

Art by Ramon Rosanas

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The Rokkva has been unleashed and Tyr will bring it right to the steps of Asgard if Jane cannot stop him.


As Sif stands guard at the Rainbow bridge of Asgard, the darkness of the Rokkva moves closer to the city with Tyr and Thor leading the charge. Unable to fend off the darkness alone, Sif succumbs and becomes another soldier in Tyr’s army. Jane and Volstagg must find a way to stop the entity as the army, led by Hildegarde stands in opposition.

Jane still feels a connection to the Undrjarn and knows that its power and that of the Rokkva are too much for Tyr to control. As the power continues to take over him, Jane must muster all of her strength and the strength of her friends to make a final stand against Tyr and a being of nothingness.

The Story: Aaron and Gronbekk showcase the connection Jane has to the forces she wields and that connection is powerful. The narration is some of the best I’ve read and Jane’s insight into both the threat and her determination to face it are engaging. The story does a great job of keeping Jane as its focus and her actions throughout the story show a bravery that makes the character and the series so interesting and entertaining.

The Art: Ramon Rosanas captures the mood and tone of this story well. The action doesn’t always hit the mark, but there are some great visual moments throughout.

Jane Foster Valkyrie #10




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