On the heels of the announcement of a release date for the upcoming The Batman film, The Hollywood Reporter has news that director James Gunn is finalizing a deal to direct the sequel to the 2016 film Suicide Squad.


Gunn was already writing the script for the Suicide Squad sequel so it makes sense that the studio would bring him on board to direct. After Disney fired James Gunn for old tweets, Warner Brothers was quick to move in and scoop up the Guardians of the Galaxy director for his expertise in both writing and directing a comic book film franchise.


It also looks like The Suicide Squad sequel will not be a direct sequel to the original but will serve as a reboot or relaunch featuring, according to THR, a new cast of characters and actors. There is no word on whether or not Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn or Will Smith’s Deadshot will return, but both stars have been attached to the sequel since it was announced. Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder will executive produce the film which is slotted for an August 2021 release date.

What do you think of James Gunn directing The Suicide Squad sequel? What would you like to see from a Suicide Squad relaunch? Let me know in the comments below.

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