Iron Man #21

Marvel Comics

Written by Christopher Cantwell

Art by Angel Unzueta

Colors by Frank D’Armata

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Tony discovers a black market arms network and one of its operatives nearly kills him.

Tony Stark decides to take a commercial flight cross country and receives a call from an old colleague. Unfortunately, his trip is interrupted by a criminal on the plane using some high tech weapons to steal some dangerous weapons plans.

After making sure the plane is safe, Iron Man goes after the crook and Tony finds himself in a fight for survival. A fight that will expose a massive new black market network that Tony decides that he is going to take down.

The Story: Cantwell delivers an entertaining story in this issue. It’s an interesting and intriguing new arc for the character and has some great action that challenges the character in a unique way both physically and emotionally.

The Art: Unzueta delivers some great art in the issue. The visuals are lively and filled with great detail. The action and character designs look great and I really enjoy the stylistic choices throughout the issue.

Iron Man #21



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