Iconic Superman Villain Breaking the Fifth Dimension to Menace CW's Supergirl

Berlanti, Kreisberg and company have really impressed DC fans with how well they’ve been able to utilize the toys in their toy box as of late. They’ve given us great small screen interpretations of classic DC heroes and villains and this weeks 4-part crossover event was both satisfying to fans, but gave the four CW shows a boost in their respective ratings. With that in mind, the creative team over at the CW has decided to continue to add to their impressive roster of villains with someone familiar to the world of our resident Kryptonians.


The CW has announced that Mr. Mxyzptlk will be coming to Supergirl in 2017. The CW confirmed to comicbook.com that the character will appear in two episodes. No news on casting or character bio have been released, but the character is an imp from the Fifth Dimension with reality-altering powers whose battles with Superman are more out of a sense of whimsy than outright malice.


With the much talked about Flash/Supergirl musical episode looming next year, speculation is that Mr. Mxyzptlk might have his purple gloved hands all over this episode. What do you think about this latest addition to the DC Television universe? Who would you cast as Mr. Mxyzptlk? Personally, my choices for the character are slimmed down to two: comedian Patton Oswalt



or Ben Schwartz, who’s Jean Ralphio on Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite comedic performances.


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