'Vikings' Star Eyeing Role in the DC Movie Universe

Katheryn Winnick, whose breakout starring role in the Emmy winning History Channel series Vikings, is setting her sites on the world of Comic Book Movies. The actress, heralded as a feminist icon for her role of Lagertha on the series, was the fan favorite choice to play Captain Marvel’s Carol Danvers on the big screen a couple of years ago (a role that has gone to Oscar winner Brie Larson). It looks like Winnick is keeping her options open and might be taking a role in a competing universe.


During a Twitter Q and A about the season premiere of Vikings, Winnick was asked about whether she would like to play another comic book character, specifically Black Canary for DC. The actress, slated to appear in the upcoming Dark Tower movie, answered “Hell ya.” Does this mean that we will be seeing the actress lay down her sword and shield and put on a leather jacket and some fishnets? Even though there are no current plans for the DCU to introduce Green Arrow into their world, the fact that there are rumors of the planned Margot Robbie produced Harley Quinn standalone featuring the Birds of Prey means that the possibility of Black Canary screaming her way to the big screen could be more than just speculation.


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