I Hate This Place #3

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Starks

Art by Artyom Topilin

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Gabby and Trudy bring in an expert to help them with their ghost problem and things get more dangerous.

In the aftermath of another attack on the ranch, the couple decides to bring in an expert to rid themselves of their ghost problem. When Dante Howitzer arrives, he claims to be ready to solve their problem and immediately gets to work when they show him what has been happening and he sees the evidence for himself.

The next day, they head out into the woods where they discover exactly why they were warned not to enter them. A chase ensues that will bring the three to a clearing where not only do they find themselves reliving tragedy from their pasts, but also put them face to face with the entity they were told to avoid.

The Story: Starks takes the story to some intense places in this issue. The plot is intense and the dialogue is fantastic. I love the relationship between Gabby and Trudy and their interactions add some great personality to the story and its conflict. I love the comedic elements as well with Howitzer and I am excited to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Topilin deliver some great art throughout the issue. The horror elements are visually engaging and the style draws you in.

I Hate This Place #3



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