I Am Batman #0

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley

Pencils by Travel Foreman

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by ALW’s Dave Lampwear

The Rundown: Jace Fox must recalculate his plans for Batman when his attempt to assist the citizens of Alleytown goes awry.

Jace recounts the circumstances surrounding his name change while formerly moving out of his family’s home. Elsewhere, members of the GCPD have a confrontation with a group of protestors in Alleytown. Soon after, Commissioner Montoya assigns a trusted detective to the protest detail, hoping to de-escalate a potentially volatile situation. Meanwhile, at Wayne Enterprises, Jace has a talk with his father and runs into an old friend. Afterwards, he takes part in an investigation that leads to a surprising discovery. Later, Batman makes an appearance at the Alleytown protests. However, a disturbance causes calamity, and Batman is forced into a unique position. Finally, Jace makes a difficult decision and asks for help from a close ally.

The Story: Ridley creates an interesting narrative that speaks to the nature of self acceptance. The first chapter of this series finds Jace coming to terms with his new identity as Batman, and what that means for both himself and Gotham. The story also touches on the nature of protests and how police and agitators make deadly trouble for citizens who are exercising their civil rights. I really enjoyed this introductory issue and look forward to seeing the story progression.

The Art: Foreman’s focus on character expression is highlighted by the surrounding minimalist drawings. The cool color tones capture the mood of the story. And the action oriented sequences are intense and emotional. Overall, this is a good looking issue that is very engaging and transportive.

I Am Batman #0




  • Interesting narrative and message

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