The Silver Coin #5

Image Comics

Written by Michael Walsh

Art by Michael Walsh and Gavin Fullerton

Colors by Michael Walsh and Toni Marie Griffin

The Rundown: Rebekah Goode will face the justice of her time and get some of her own.

Rebekah Goode does what she can to help the people of her small village. Whether she’s delivering children or helping farm animals, Rebekah can be counted on in her small puritan community. They don’t seem to mind the fact that she talks to animals and uses strange practices to heal. Something Rebekah is grateful for after helping her friend Martha and returning to her secluded home.

When a man of the cloth comes to the small village, he begins to investigate the tales of Rebekah Goode and he sits down with Martha to get answers. After offering her a silver coin for her story, he and the rest of the town proceed to hunt down Rebekah and subject her to puritan justice. Unfortunately for them, Rebekah will have her revenge in the form of the very coin that bought her death.

The Story: Walsh brilliantly draws in the reader with a tale that is pure, classic horror. Every element from the characters to the dialogue works perfectly and the story is rich in both plot and pacing. I found myself engaged in this tale and appreciated how it gave context to everything that came before in a way that made me interested in re-reading the series so far. Walsh nails the atmosphere of this story as well and I cannot wait for more.

The Art: Walsh and Fullerton do amazing work with the art throughout this issue. There are so many spooky and eye-catching moments to be found and the dark progression of the story is bolstered by the pitch perfect mood and tone of the art.

The Silver Coin #5




  • Classic horror and suspense tale with a great ending.

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