Hulk #8

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates and Daniel Warren Johnson

Art by Martin Coccolo

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Thor and Hulk have a final, destructive clash that will take them all the way to Asgard.

Thor is still infused with the power and rage of the Hulk and even Odin helping Banner might not be enough to stop him. As the Watcher observes what might be the end of reality, the two former allies battle it out while Odin tries to get Banner to use mjolnir to take them back to Asgard.

After moving the fight back to Asgard, Bill holds back the forces of the realm as he realizes that this fight is different. That Thor is fighting with none of the restraint that he has been holding in for hundreds of years. Thor is fighting with a rage that might shatter the world tree itself if he’s not careful. Odin will have to find a different tactic with Banner’s help if he hopes to free his son and save reality.

The Story: Cates and Warren Johnson bring this arc to an exciting and action filled conclusion. The story has some interesting thematic moments and layers that are engaging. Beyond a great knock down, drag out fight between Thor and Hulk, the story has some interesting nuance and heart within it. Everything comes together to a harrowing conclusion that makes me interested in seeing where the story goes next.

The Art: Coccolo delivers some beautifully detailed and exciting art in the issue. Every page is filled with great visual drama and thrilling moments to enjoy.

Hulk #8



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