In a strange and unexpected move, Batman got down on one knee and proposed marriage in the 24th issue that came out this week. Geeks WorldWide had the exclusive preview of the issue from DC Comics, but the story was put out by USA Today right before the issue came out.

In the issue, written by Tom King and drawn by Bryan Hitch, Batman is spending some rare moments in the light as he tries to help Gotham Girl make a decision on what she wants to do with her life now that she has control of her powers. He gives her the reasons why he does what he does and why he cannot stop. He allows her to know the pitfalls of being a hero and gives her the choice to stop and live her own life the way she sees fit. It’s a pretty touching moment in the darkness of Batman’s life and leads to the conclusion that has been so controversial.


Bruce meets up with on again, off again love interest Selina Kyle aka Catwoman on the rooftop of a building in Gotham. With the night heavy and rain coming down, he recounts a moment in their past when Batman caught Selina stealing a diamond. After taking her in, he decides to purchase the diamond as Bruce Wayne. To Catwoman’s (and the reader’s) surprise, he gets down on one knee and proposes to his one time foe. The issue ends on that note and the reader is left to wonder what happens next.

Unfortunately, the next arc in the story is The War of Jokes and Riddles. A story that puts Batman in the middle of an all out war between The Joker and The Riddler. A war that could potentially tear the city apart.

The storyline for Jokes and Riddles is said to take place before the events of this issue, so it makes the timing of this plot point strange and frustrating. With Dark Nights: Metal set to dominate the summer, the engagement story won’t be revisited until the Fall and one wonders if anyone will still care by then.

Let me know what you think. Will Batman and Catwoman get engaged? If they do, will they actually get married? What kind of weird stepmother conversations will Selina have with Damian? You know where the comments are.

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