SEP180488House of Whispers #3

DC Comics/Vertigo Comics

Written by Nalo Hopkinson

Art by Dominike “Domo” Stanton

Colors by John Rauch

The goddess Erzulie is still trapped in the Dreaming and her continued presence in it and away from those who worship her are having a negative effect on her and her powers. What is becoming more evident is that she is harboring violent thoughts about everyone around her. Thoughts that seem to be tied to her time in the Dreaming. When she snaps on one of her friends, she is thrown into the river. As the healing waters begin to help her, Uncle Monday and his gator family come upon her and an attack ensues.


When the dust settles, all the parties involved find themselves dealing with a new problem. A problem that Erzulie’s nephew has created on Earth and that none of them can do anything to stop. As Toya and Mags find themselves unable to feel anything, they decide to take to the streets and spread that feeling to everyone they encounter.

Hopkinson continues to create an intricate and intriguing world for these characters as the mystery of what is affecting Erzulie and the urgency to get her out of the Dreaming continues to be compelling to the reader. While the issue was enjoyable for the most part, there were some pacing issues that made the story feel a little slow.

The art continues to be enjoyable with Stanton doing some impressive visuals for both the characters and the world of the Dreaming.


House of Whispers #3




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